Yellow roses…

No huge plans were made for last weekend, but Dr S had a party to go to, so I arranged for hubby, Sweetpea and I to meet a friend at a craft fair.  We arrived in the correct village, on the correct date – well the one I was given – to find no fair in sight.

Hubby spotted a flyer on a lamp post advising of a summer fair in the next village along (similar name) on the same day.  A bit puzzled, thinking maybe there was a village mix up, off we went.

We parked on the green and found a lovely fair with tea and cakes, book and bric a brac stalls, several games and rides.  But my friend was nowhere in sight.  I was a bit worried as one of the reasons for going was to let Sweetpea choose a bracelet.  My friend makes lovely jewellery using beads that look like sweets.  I had been promising for several weeks.  Hence no pics as was wondering how this change in events was going to pan out.

I needn’t have worried, it was a lovely event, with Sweetpea winning twice on the children’s tombola, knocking the pirate ship over using a mini cannon and tennis balls resulted in chocolate coins and the biggest smiles ever for a horse and trap ride round the village.

One of the stalls there was run by a language school based in the village.  The Japanese students were teaching everyone to do origami and writing their names in Japanese on these beautiful plaques.  All for free!  Sweetpea was taught how to make a lovely flower and chose this beautiful plaque for her name to be written on.


Isn’t it lovely?

It is going to go up in Sweetpea’s room.

I have also had to go hunting for origami paper.  It will be something new to do on a rainy day in the summer.

I also hemmed some shorts for a friend as a favour as she has no sewing machine.

These were my thank you!


They now sit on my kitchen table to be admired.

Last but not least the crochet owls are ready for wrapping as tomorrow is the last day of school.


So my crafting is likely to reduce, unless it is child orientated.  I am however looking forward to the time they are at home.  No more packed lunches, timetables to stick to or shoes to polish.  Summer hols!

Time for water fights, daisy chains, visiting new places, playing in the park and picnics with friends.  I can’t wait.

What are you doing this summer?



2 thoughts on “Yellow roses…

  1. Hi Fiona Just came through Jo’s blog and spotted your lovely owls-how cute they are! Love the origami as well. Hope you are enjoying the summer Best wishes Alison xx


    • Thank you, I did enjoy choosing the colour changes. I love your beading tutorial. I will be trying this with my daughter when we get home from holiday. Hope the Cornish summer is going well too. Fiona


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