Red Arrows!!!!

For a short week, it went really fast with lots of activities and sorry didn’t get a chance to chat.  I’ll give you a catch up.

Wednesday was our first day of the holidays and I was determined this year to wash, fold, iron and put all uniform away.

Job done!

I also managed to buy all the new items that are needed.  I have never, and I mean never, managed to do this in one go. It does mean that I have quite a bit of hand sewing to do now.  I am a bit compulsive about the name labels, even down to one in each sock.

I know its mad, but my son would lose his head if it wasn’t attached.

Thursday we were invited to a families fun day.  We set off with a couple of cousins, thinking we were going for a couple of hours and my two would be going to their swimming lessons at 5pm.  Little did we know.

However when the fun day is hosted by the RAF they have quite a few interesting things to provide entertainment.

It was a full on air show!

Dr S and his cousins were in 7th heaven.  Sweetpea not so much, but she enjoyed playing with her cousins and dancing to the music between displays.

So the highlight was to see the following.


The Red Arrows were amazing and truly are the best of the best.


This is their concorde formation.


All eyes were glued.

We also got to see the RAF Falcons, who are the parachute display team.

This is them forming their stack.


There was a whole day of displays with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire, loads of other planes and jets, helicopter demonstrations and Chinooks doing things that really should not be possible by an aircraft of its size.

Sorry no pics, my jaw had dropped too much.  Picture a skateboard in a skate park, going up and down the ramps and jumps, with twists and turns.  That’s basically what the pilots of the Chinook did.  Even down to landing on the back wheels only, reversing and taking off backwards.  I wish I had pics, but I was just so gobsmacked.  Truly in awe.

So we missed swimming lessons.  There was no way I was going to get Dr S out of there before they threw us out.

Friday was therefore a lot lower key, with a picnic with friends in a local park.

The weekend went quickly with birthday parties and more Fun Days locally and I got an impromptu day out on Sunday.

Where did I go?

I went to Fibre East!

Not knowing what to expect, two knitting friends and I thought we would go for the morning.  Oh the goodies.  The wool, their colours, they were amazing.  We were like kids in a sweet shop.

Not expecting the fabulous amount of woolie goodness that we found, I didn’t take my camera.  Sorry.  I know a big blogging faux pa. I am realising that I need to become surgically attached to my camera, so nothing is missed.  Sorry will do better.  (Head is bowed in shame).

This is what I bought


The bluey-green one is 80% baby alpaca 20% Silk lace weight and the hand-painted yarn is 50% baby camel 50% silk 2 ply.

I have no real plan of what to do with them, but maybe a shawl with at least one.

I really should finish some WIPs before I start something else.  Really should, but these new yarns are calling to me.  They are so soft and tactile its amazing.

What new projects are you trying to justify?  And have you finished the WIPs or turned a blind eye?

Take care



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