This week we met up with some friends at Upton House and Gardens.  It is a National Trust property in Warwickshire.  Its not far for us and we find it big enough but small enough.  If that makes any sense.  You get to feel that you could be part of the famous five, but not so far from the car park that your arms are dropping off with everything.

The gardens are lovely.

PENTAX ImageThis is the back lawn!

Here is the vegetable garden.


There are winding pathways to follow, woods and an orchard to explore and stairs like these.


There is also a large pond to walk round.

PENTAX ImageMy kids like the woodland trail near the café.  We ate our ice-creams as we wandered through spotting the resident creatures.  Lovely end to a lovely day.

We are off on holiday this weekend so no posts next week.  Sorry.

I went to my knitting group on Thurs evening with the idea to try and find a shawl or large scarf pattern to use with my new yarn I got at Fibre East.  I have gone round in circles and I’m not 100% sure if I’m happy with my choices, so we will see.

However, I did find this book and decided that instead of a magazine I would take this on holiday.


I have added several balls of wool to one of the suitcases.

Well need to make lunch for tomorrow and paint my toes.

A girl needs holiday toes!

Take care and talk soon


Sorry – computer malfunction that this did not post at the beginning of Aug.


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