I love blackberries.

Their mix of sweet and tart when you bite into them.  Plus the excitement of the search, are you going to find any?  Will you be able to reach them?  How good will they taste?  And they are free!

This is my haul!


My mother-in-law had the cousins this week, so we joined forces and we all went a hunting.  The boys did become a bit bored once they had ate their fill and chose to be explorers through and round the bushes.  Sweatpea was a star spotter of fat juicy ones, well, until she got tangled in some brambles.  She was somewhat less enthusiastic about the whole event after that.  I couldn’t really blame her, so it was home for lunch and divvy up time.  This is just my half of the haul.  The MIL and I have decided next week to go back.  We found loads and made no dent in the supply, so blackberry jam is on the cards.

What have I done with them?

Some went into strawberry jelly – special request by Sweatpea.


I needed to make cupcakes for tomorrow so made blackberry and cream cheese icing for the tops.


Hubby and I tasted them with a cup of tea.  They were delish, but the kids decided they weren’t keen on the icing.  Sweatpea likes the colour, but say she prefers mummy’s normal icing (buttercream to everyone else).

There was enough to put a whole tray in the freezer and still have a large bowl for fresh fruit in the fridge.  I bought a couple of Bramley apples at the market today, so a pie can be made on sunday.  Must remember to get some more vanilla ice-cream!

I am now hungry thinking about sunday lunch, roast chicken with apple and blackberry pie for pud!

Must go, need to pack my sewing machine up as I am helping with a charity sewing day.  More about that soon.

Have a good weekend!



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