New Ventures…

Sorry for the no show for a while.

Life sometimes throws curve balls, good and bad.  I had a good one.  Everything kind of added up too, so I couldn’t really say no.

I got a new job, part-time, working school hours, in a wool and fabric shop with people I know.  I know!  Truth is stranger than fiction and I couldn’t have predicted this in a million sundays!  I have had to re-doe how life works in our family so we all have what we need, where we need it, when we need it.

Still ironing out the wrinkles.  (which reminds me – ironing still to do)

So while learning new ropes, I have stuck with WIPs that don’t require too much thought.

My Ripple blanket has had more rows added.  As the weather has chilled in the evenings, its been lovely to have it draped over my lap while watching TV.


Then there is my cardigan.  I have been working on this since Feb.  I am not the fastest knitter, but decided last year that I wanted to make an actual garment for myself.  So after much deliberation (I am good at that), I decided on the Teal cardigan from the book Winter Blooms by Kim Hargreaves.  A friend of mine has made it twice and said that she would help when I got stuck.


I am on the second sleeve and then ready for sew it all together.  I am hoping for it to be ready before my birthday in November.  ( I can then ask for more wool)  Shuush!  Other half not aware of plan, yet….  And yes, after I did the first sleeve, several people asked why I hadn’t knitted them at the same time?  Didn’t even cross my mind, but will remember for the next project.  And yes there will be – I have started looking….

In my last post I mentioned I was doing some charity sewing, well, I did.  It was great fun.  We were making 12″ blocks for quilts and cot quilts for a local hospital.  I got to play with other peoples fabric and sew.

However not long after starting sewing, I suddenly realised there was a silence and looked up to find all my co-sewers all staring at me over the top of their machines.  It was unsettling.

“What” I asked.

They wondered if my machine always sounded like that?

Well, no.  It had become noisy.  So time for a service.  So off it went for a sabbatical.  I felt lost and suddenly had the urge for lots of projects, but no machine.  I had to console myself with knitting and crochet.

But is was back at the weekend and I had a little play.


I needed a pincushion for my sewing table and I only used scraps.

It was great to have it back and to find that it really should not make all that noise.  The tutorial I used came from here, and was really easy to follow.

However those projects are still lining themselves up in my head and now working with beautiful fabric everyday, some of it has come home with me already.


This is Forest Friends from Moda.  Aren’t those foxes too cute for words.  The autumn colours are just lovely.  These three are going to go into a skirt for Sweetpea.  First I need to finish a bag for her karate kit.

What autumn projects are you planning?

Take care in the wind.



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