Sorry again!…..

Sorry, again, I know I disappeared from blog land.  Life got too busy and something had to give.

I can tell you that working in a fabric and wool shop is fantastic and a nightmare at the same time.  How???  Well now that I work even just part-time, there is no way near enough time to make all the ideas that arrive in my head.  And the new arrival of stuff at work does not help, just puts more on that to do list in my head.

I am trying to be good and stick to one project at a time not too many projects at any one time.  My ripple blankets has gained more ripples and I was good and did not start a cosy blanket on the CAL that Attic 24 was running.  I did almost.  I went and sat in front of the Stylecraft DK selection to see which colours I didn’t have, when a customer asked if I had finished the ripple yet.  That made me stop and think, maybe I should do a bit on that first.  So I did a couple of ripples and bought some Debbie Bliss Fez on special and started a jumper!

Debbie Bliss Fez

Look at that colour!  Isn’t it gorgeous!

At £2.00 per ball I could not leave it on the shelf.  I was good and did a tension square as the pattern I am doing uses Rowan Lima, so I had to drop my needle size (listen to me sound like I know what I am doing!).  But the colour!  That’s what sold it to me.  I had been thinking of a nice grey.  There is a lovely silver grey in Lima, but that pink just sold itself to me.  And… and the wool is sooooo soft!

But…. I have been good and have finished my Teal cardigan.  I LOVE IT!

I finished it well before my birthday (so vouchers were received! Result!) but did cop out big time for about a month with the sewing up.  I felt daunted.  Didn’t want to mess it up.  I had this bundle of knitting, which had taken me ages, in beautiful wool and really didn’t want to make a mess of the final step.  So I did my normal procrastination, which involved lots of research about sewing up.  Eventually a friend at knitting group said she would do it for me.  Ironically this spurred me on, as I didn’t want someone else to do it for me, just for me not to do it wrong.  Do you know the really stupid thing?  It took me two days and once I got the hang of mattress stitch and easing the shape together, It was an absolute doddle.  I don’t know why I was so frightened.  But hey, there are lots of situations in life where we do the same thing.  You would think that by my age I would know this.  I keep telling my kids to try new things.  Most of the time they are not as hard as we think they are going to be.  But as parents we often “do as I say not as I do” don’t we?  As soon as I take a picture I will post it.

These were all done before Christmas, so there have been other makes.  Some were presents, decorations and just because.  I will post them as it seems fit.  I won’t bore you with a complete download of all crafting makes, that would be a bit much.

However like many people, I wanted to plan for the coming year and be better organised.  The other half would really like me to be better organised!  On the creative side, there are some techniques that have been on my to do list for a while.  So why wait?

The first was to use dpns (double pointed needles) and knit socks.  This cold freezing weather that the UK is having has prompted all of us at work to knit socks.  Two of us have never used dpns, but my boss is an excellent knitter and gave pointers.


As you can see I have finished my first sock!

My boss has knitted two pairs in the same period of time!  Never mind.  I have been surprised how easy it is to use dpns, once you work out how to join without twisting the stitches.  Its great.  The short rows mean that there is not a problem with children interrupting, as each needle only has 20 stitches on it.  I am not the fastest knitter so fewer stitches are better for interruptions.  I had a week off between finishing the first and not wanting to suffer from one sock syndrome, cast-on at the weekend.

2nd sock

You can see, I am out of the rib and doing the cuff.  Its great for watching TV.  So tonight I plan to do more rows while watching the new sewing bee.

I am hoping/planning on being better with posts, so see you soon.



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