Mid Feb…

This time of year can be very Jekyll and Hyde with the weather, don’t you think?  One minute grey, with fine drizzle, then down pours the next, changing to brilliant blue skies and sunshine!  That’s the weather for you in the UK.  Its true, you can have all four seasons in one day.  It does make planning for half-term activities a challenge.  You constantly have to have a back-up plan.

My kids were supposed to go to a karate course for the week, during the mornings, to use some of their energy doing whatever it is they do in Karate!  This went by the by when it all got cancelled at the last moment.  Not the organisers fault, these things happen, but backup plans had to be evoked.  This also meant kids and normal jobs had to be done together, which any mother will now pull a face and nod her head, do not go together well.  Especially when they had previously told they wouldn’t have to.

The only way to go is – with bribery!

So our week was a mixture of visits to the library (not really a hardship), the toy shop to spend their pocket money, visits with cousins and grandparents and time at home just being.

We did manage a quick visit to a local Eco Park that is opening soon.

Goat at Eco Park Feb 2015

Cockerals at Eco Park Feb 2015

We met these characters.  The goat was VERY food orientated, to the extent of eating the paper bag that a little boy was holding.  The cockerels all stood in a line to give us a chorus.  They were fantastic, but I am glad that they don’t live next door to me!

The site is still being finished off so there was little for my two to do, but for under 5’s, there is a great indoor play area.  The larger, outdoor playground has a lovely looking climbing frame, which my two were very keen to try out.  But as the diggers were still levelling the surrounding ground, I thought it best that we return another day.

It was lovely to have the chance of catching up with family and friends, but there was not so much on the crafting front.  I have though managed to finish my socks!

My first pair of socks!

They are lovely and warm and I am feeling quite smug, sitting here, writing this wearing them.  I finally understand the madness and addiction to knitting socks.  I want another pair.  In another colour, any colour, I don’t care.

Stripes lined up.

I didn’t manage to line up my stripes and make them identical.

I know it can be done by pulling through the yarn and finding the pattern repeat on it, so you can start in the same place.  This does make me think a bit of stuffing cherry tomatoes.  If I was giving a pair as a gift, then I would probably, maybe, make them identical, but as they are inside my boots the rest of the time….  No-one else knows and I can live with that, particularly as my feet are nice and toasty inside said boots.

Despite pondering the next ball of sock wool to buy and put in my stash, I am being good and working on a WIP. My Happy top is short sleeved in a 4 ply for the summer.  I started this on holiday two summers ago and as we booked our summer holiday this week, I realised that this “top” has been to the Isle of Wight twice!  It should really be finished so it can be worn there, instead of hiding in a project bag.  Does everyone have well travelled WIPS?

The other reason there has been a lack of crafting this week, was the discovery that Sweetpea has been tidying her room by scooping everything up and dumping it into her wardrobe!  Breathe holding was done, by me, to prevent rude words being issued at this discovery.  Several deep breathes later, we discussed the situation and found she has too much stuff for the space allocated to storing it, nor is she sure where to put some of it.  So sorting, re-organising and recycling the contents of her room started.  Yes started, I haven’t finished yet!  Now she is back at school, it falls to me to finish up.  Isn’t that the way?  Some things went in the bin and others are going to new homes.  The rest need new storage solutions, so a cup of tea and a legitimate chance to look through pinterest!  This has resulted in a trip to Ikea yesterday.  So now I off to build a Kallax unit.  Wish me luck!

What are you doing this week?

Building or crafting?



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