Under the weather…

I can’t seem to get my teeth into anything properly at the moment before my energy levels bottom out.  Lots of good intentions that are not making it to completion.  I am very frustrated.  It’s February already and the bulbs are poking their heads out of the soil and I haven’t done half of what was on my mental list.  But being realistic, my mental list is frequently as my husband says – mental.

Saying this, I did finish all the first set of blocks for my checkerboard quilt top.

checkerboard strips

Then cut them into strips, to my son’s amazement.  He was at home with a high temperature fluey thing.  He doesn’t understand cutting fabric and sewing it together in attractive combinations, then cutting it up again.  Putting it like this, it does sound a bit nuts.

checkerboard strips cut

I then laid out all my strips and worked out my blocks.

pinned blocks before sewing

Very satisfying to know that when I have 10 minutes, I can pick up a set and sew together a block.  Not so good is the lack of energy to sew them since.

This is the first of the five I did last week.

Checkerboard block

There are either 30 or 31 left to sew.  I haven’t decided whether to do 6 x 6 blocks or 7 x 5 blocks and use the last one for a matching cushion.  I’ll decide when I lay them out for joining.  They are so pretty, just wish I had more energy at the moment.

What project is frustrating you at the moment?

Take care


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