Sewing mojo?…..

sewing mojo pouchesI have found it really hard to find any motivation to do much crafting so far this year.  I have been trying, but I haven’t been able to get that buzz you get when excited about a project. I have picked up things and put them down again.  Can’t seem to settle.  But I am determined to get out of thin funk.  My cupboards and drawers are groaning with stash that needs using.  Well they don’t need using, but those areas are looking messy and its irritating me.

books 03.2016

I have treated myself to a couple of books, hoping they will help.  I have been coveting them for a while and thought why wait?

books em

This one was actually a birthday present in November.  So I started the Emma bunny, with the plan to have two for the kids for Easter.

em body 1

One body done.  Small steps.

Bu as for sewing, well….

Last year, on various travels, I bought quite a bit of dressmaking fabric, with the plan of using it obviously.  But the funk arrived and being honest, part of me is a bit nervous about cutting into it.  Stupid I know.  Its just fabric.  I have not made many clothes recently for myself, so wanted to start again.  Plus I wanted to sew with knits, so again my books are helping here.

So to help kick the sewing mojo back into action, I decided to sew something I have made before and the kids need.  Well I say they need.  I am making some pouches for them.  They each got headphones for Christmas last year, so we don’t have to listen to tablet games, and a bag to keep them neat and tidy will be useful.

sewing mojo pouches

The third is an extra for Sweetpea as she was given nail varnishes, etc for her birthday.  The little bottles are currently living on top of her bedside table, so a better home needs to be made.

Not wanting to do one thing at a time, that would be far too sensible, I started this this afternoon.

new crochet

Can’t say too much as it’s going to be part of a birthday gift.  I am pleased at the look and feel of it as it grows though.

Must go and start putting those pouches together.


Summer Holidays Week 1…

The kids were exhausted, so low key activities were planned, plus after a busy weekend I was tired.  Even when tired I find my kids need things to do or the bickering starts and that totally does my head in.

They rediscovered games (no electronic gadgets), like dominos, lego, playing café and made up games in the garden.

I have no idea what they are doing here!

garden games

I did manage some sewing and finished off my beach bag.  I can’t wait to take it to the beach!  Now all I need is for the British weather to play ball and its not that brilliant at the moment.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it improves for when we are away.

Finished beach bag

I do have WIPs (which I got out the cupboard) but I have started some EPP.  I have wanted to do some for ages and as normal I having been mulling what to do and where to start.  Faffing as my OH calls it.

I came across this book at the library and have followed some advise and started on some diamond stars.  No pics yet, will take some later.  I thought that an EPP would be good as a portable project for the summer.

I did get a large WIP out of the cupboard, a sampler quilt I started 2 years ago.  The top is done (will find the pics), but it was a quilt as you go which I had not done before.  I was having to go against my instincts and follow the instructions for each section.  Plus life happened, I think it was chicken pox, and it got tidied away.  Out of sight, so out of mind, well sort of.  I have been reminding myself of where I got to.  So we shall see, not sure I have fallen out of love with it…

It felt like a short week for me as the OH and I went to Stratford to the RSC, and the munchkins stayed at Grandma’s overnight.  It was lovely to have 2 days with the OH and do adult things.  We went to see Othello which was fantastic and I would highly recommend it.  Going to the RSC in Stratford is fantastic in itself.  We have been before and it is a lovely town to visit and wander around.  I did leave my camera at home, so sorry no picture overload.  If you do visit, try and do the tour of the theatre itself, you get to go backstage, hear its secrets and inside stories about previous productions.  Its a great insight to the world of the RSC.

I did do some sewing orientated shopping while in Stratford.  It was here and I was very good and did not buy any fabric.  Well I was with the OH and we don’t want him to fully understand the costs of my sewing hobby.  That may not work in my favour.  Pictures to follow, as one item is a present, so I will reveal after the fact.

And I did buy these during the week, well there was a sale and it seemed rude not to.

beautiful fabric

Sunday was a wind down day for all as the munchkins had been to Crocodile World the day before.  We were all tired so OH felt cake was needed so he made banana bread.

banana bread

Then there was building of Mousetrap and much giggling followed.  And that was before we started the game!  How long does it take you to build mousetrap?  Getting the traps to work was a fiddle, but we got there in the end.  It was a good thing we had cake though!

I thought we had a quiet week, but writing this, I am not so sure.

How is your summer unfolding?

Take care


End of term…

End of term means lots of things for many parents but there is usually the question, what presents to get for the teachers?  On a basic level there is the issue that they, teachers, are doing their jobs, so why give them a present?  I do know some parents who on principle don’t give anything other than making a point of saying thank you.  And depending on your experience of the year, this may be appropriate.  I have however have been fairly lucky with the teachers that my children have had, so feel that I want to show my appreciation for their time and hard work.

Teacher presents 2015

I made a collection of medium sized purses for the teachers and the teaching assistants that taught my children this year.  My children helped choose the fabrics for each teacher, so each purse is unique.

I have managed to squeeze some sewing time in for me.  I re-borrowed this book from the library as I really wanted to make the beach tote from it.

My fabric choices are a blue stripe with red trim on the pockets, the main body of the bag is denim with red lining.  The trim for the bag edging is in the blue stripe.

Top edge binding

I want to add a tab with a lobster clasp for keys, so they don’t disappear into the bag.  Its large so lovely and roomy for everything needed on a trip to the beach.

Bag tabs

I can’t decide whether to use the same cotton strapping as on the body of the bag, or a piece of the red binding as the lining and the pocket trim.  What do you think?  Do I go for the contrast (strapping) or blend (red binding)?

Its almost done, just need to sew the bias edging on and reinforce the straps onto the bag.

beach bag

I am really pleased with my fabric choices.

I think the bag is coming together really well and I am looking forward to finishing it.  Then the best bit – taking it to the beach!

I am trying a new system with projects, keeping them in a project box with all the bits needed to complete them.  Hopefully this will help.  So when I have a few minutes, I can do a bit of sewing and make progress without having to search for everything I need before starting.

project box

I got the idea from this book.  You may have seen it around.  I love all the practical advise given in it and the projects…. OMG….  I can’t wait to try them.  Heidi Staples, the author, has a fantastic website full of inspiration, colour and life.  Go and take a peek, its great!

I am being good about finishing something before starting something new, but my new book has just added a whole new pile of projects onto my ever growing list though.  However it has helped me find my sewing mojo again so I am not panicking, just excited and can’t wait to start!

The summer holidays are in full swing here and we kicked them off with a bang, literally loud ones – very loud bangs, by a visit to RIAT 2015 this weekend.  When I have been through the picks I will post the best and most interesting.

What did you do last weekend?

Take care and talk soon.