Where has the summer gone?

Sorry no visits but after a week in the Isle of Wight, we came home to rain and mountains of washing.  These two things do not go well together with two children who just want to run around.

But really where did the summer go?

Its the last week before they go back to school, what happened?  And who told autumn to arrive?  I had to put socks on, now what is that about before the end of August!

Enough complaining, here is a brief overview of events.

I made my first crochet amigurumi cat using my holiday present.


He has been named “Paws” and claimed by my son.

He was supposed to go in the present drawer, but hey he is cute.  I am really pleased as I have been daunted by how complex  amigurumi looks.  So hopefully more will follow, but more about that later.

Sweatpea then asked for a bunny.

As if by magic I produced “Flopsy”.


Well not magic as I had actually crocheted this for Easter and never got round to sewing her up.  The pattern is from The Green Dragonfly blog which I love.  You may notice a resemblance to the owls and I believe there is a family link.

So that brought me to thinking about my WIPs.

I think I should carry on this trend of finishing some of them.  My husband raised his eyebrows and said nothing when I voiced this thought out loud.  (Not a good start)

So like any good wife, feeling slightly indignant, pulled a face and thought to myself we shall see.

So I am on a mission.


I can’t start anything new unless a WIP of the same craft has been finished first.  Don’t want too much pressure now, this is supposed to be fun.

I will do a post on the list, but I need to brace myself to do it.  Its going to be long and the more I think about it, the longer it gets!

As it was a Bank Holiday here, my husband and some friends decided to go and be drowned rats for the day, the kids and I opted to stay in.  My mom popped round and we all made jam.


Victoria plum jam.

I have not made jam for a couple of years and on seeing Victoria plums at the market on Saturday decided to make some.  After checking various recipes, I used this one and adjusted it for my weight of plums.  I did however use half normal granulated sugar and half jam sugar, as the last time I made Victoria plum jam it didn’t set properly.  This time,  it came out lovely.  Not sure how long 5 jars will last as my hubby loves plum jam.

On a roll, we also made honey biscuits to take to a friends for tea tomorrow.


Notice the gaps!  Did not manage to take a pic before the cooling rack was raided!

So a productive but rainy Bank Holiday.

How was your bank holiday weekend?

Take care