Thank goodness its Friday…

Its been a busy week with lots of running round, so not a lot of sewing has happened.  I have joined the Finish Along being hosted by Adrianne of On the Windy Side and you can see my list in the previous post.  So I plan on working on something later today.

I did however finish the pencil roll that Sweetpea needed for last Saturday in plenty of time, just not enough time to post about it.  I did manage to get photos.  So you are warned, lots of pretty pictures to follow.

pencil roll ready to fill

Here it is ready for filling.

pencil roll filled 1

I make them with 14 slots, enough for a pack of 12 pencils and two extra.

Perhaps for a standard drawing pencil or a pen?

pencil roll rolled up

This is what it looks like rolled up.

Just the right size for your bag.

I know a pencil-case would work too, but I like the fact that the pencils can be seen, makes choosing colours easier without emptying the case out.  Not great when you are in a restaurant or coffee shop.  Guarantee they will roll every where just when you don’t want them too.

pencil roll end

pencil roll top end


I’m loving my new labels.

Ooooo.  Cute.

Well this one has a new home, gifted with a nice new colouring book.

I have three more of these to make, so they are on my FAL list.  They were already cut out, just need putting together.

But I got distracted.

With this.

sewing project

Once a month, a friend and I, organise a sewing evening.  We book a local community hall and anyone can come.  They let us know through the group facebook page and we make sure we have enough tables set up.  And cake of course.  We have to have cake.  It means  there is lots of space for pattern cutting or layering up a quilt, and any issues or problems, someone will know how to solve them.

So I needed, of course needed, a project that could be interrupted.

I bought a Kate Spain, In from the cold, stocking panel last year and made up one of the stockings, but this one has a lot more detail than the other.  I wanted to quilt all the lines to do it justice.  I know its fake patchwork, but its so pretty.

FAL 2015 stocking

I only managed to do the straight lines across, as yes I did get interrupted.  So as I didn’t want this hanging around I added it to my FAL list.

Maybe doing this will help get my head into thinking about Christmas presents.  Its not that early!  And my head is a fuzzy blank space when it comes to presents this year, I need as much time as I can get.

Have you done your Christmas lists yet?

Have a good weekend.