Q4 Finish Along List

To try and finish some WIPs, so that I can do other things without feeling guilty, and to make space on my sewing table, I am linking up with the FAL Q4 2015.  Its the first time I have done this, so we shall see where we get to.

My list is:

FAL 2015 pjs

These are supposed to be PJs for my son.  The pattern is cut, the fabric washed and ironed.  I have even bought T-shirts, but no PJs yet.  He will have grown out of the T-shirts if I don’t make these soon.

FAL 2015 apronAgain for Dr S.  Last year, he wanted a new apron, like his Dads, for when he was doing the seasonal baking that we do.  I’ve had the fabric and the tape since then, so need to make this before we start this years seasonal baking!

FAL 2015 pencil rolls

These pieces are for pencil rolls, two are needed for gifts.  I was asked for these, I think, in April, so again need to get these done.

FAL 2015 stocking

This has a definite deadline of before Christmas.  Its one of a pair and the other was made last year, so need this one done ready for filling!

FAL 2015 sampler quilt

I have had a push to finish my sampler quilt, but again am flagging.  I have layered up and pin basted the third panel for quilting, so by committing to this FAL, fingers crossed I can get this ticked off the list.

FAL 2015 jumper

Last but not least, a non-sewing WIP.  I started this jumper, I think, at the end of last year, and with the colder weather arriving already here in the UK, I would like this done.  This is what I do while watching TV in the evenings.  I find that I can’t sit and just watch.  It feels like a waste.

Well that me.  Lets see how I get on.

What are you trying to finish before the end of the year?


2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Long legs….

This is the last week of school before the long awaited summer holidays.  Almost there.  We are all ready for a break from school, but before we can relax, there is a last weeks worth of activities to get through.

At the weekend there was a karate grading for Dr S.

Karate yellow stripe

He is now a yellow stripe belt, which as new is impossible to tie.  He however is as pleased as punch, and as he should be, he has worked hard.  The fact that he is now a higher grade than his sister is the icing on the cake!

School is full of end of term events as is after school ones.

cubs badge ceremony

Badge ceremony at Cubs saw Dr S earning, among others, his seconder badge which was a surprise to him, so was lovely to see his pleasure for it.  It was great to see him and his friends all chatting about their badges and hearing about the eventful manner in which some were earned!  I love the fact that at Cubs he does things outside of his comfort zone and the badges are a great way to remind them that they can do new and different things.  Just have to sew them all on now.

I have managed some sewing last week.  I made three skirts.  Which brings me to the long legs.

3 new skirts

That is what my daughter has.  Long legs which keep on growing and skirts that don’t.  This became obvious when as we were trying to go out the house, she went upstairs and I was standing at the bottom.  Her skirt was not long enough, her new skirt!  We were too late to change the outfit, so a pair of leggings were added.  Leggings are great, helping shrinking skirts last longer.  But, yes there is a but, they are not great when the weather heats up.  I know the UK is not famed for its searing heat, but it does actually get warm most summers.  More skirts were needed.

Sweatpea asked on exiting the house that maybe I could make her some more like her old pink one.  I had made a simple gathered elastic waist pink skirt a couple of years ago.  So why not.  I hadn’t taken long the time before, so measurements were taken.  The waist measurement and length to the knee measurement are the two needed.  Some simple maths produced the size of rectangle needed.  Yes a simple skirt like this only uses a rectangle of fabric.

So Sweatpea and I went through my fabric box, well I let her go through some of my fabric.  Some is definitely out of bounds!

Anyone else possessive about their fabric?

So one afternoon last week, 3 skirts were made.  I had fun and took my time making 3 simple gathered waist skirts.  I did however use French seams on the side seams so they don’t rub or fray when washed.

french seams

The first two had rolled edge hems using a special foot for my sewing machine.  You can do it manually by carefully folding the hem edge and stitching it slowly and steadily.

The last one, I had some bias binding just the right shade of pink, so that was used instead.

pink binding

Sweatpea loves them all, which is useful, as I hate making things that no-one likes and thus doesn’t wear.

Blue lounging

She wanted to do some proper modelling she said, so this is her lounging in the blue one.


Swinging in the green with pink binding.

sitting pretty

She said that the blue was her favourite, but she stayed in the yellow spot all afternoon.  The modelling lark lost its appeal after a couple of minutes, not active enough for her.

standing on one leg1

 Her brother challenged her to stand on one leg.

yellow spot 1

yellow spot 2

Then we were back to situation normal where she spends most of her time climbing on and over the swing.  She seems to spend most of her time upside down on the frame.  I frequently remind her that its designed as a swing, but this doesn’t appear to be risky enough!  I am not looking forward to when it collapses!

What do your kids do that makes your adrenaline pump?

Looking forward to the summer.

Take care