End of term…

End of term means lots of things for many parents but there is usually the question, what presents to get for the teachers?  On a basic level there is the issue that they, teachers, are doing their jobs, so why give them a present?  I do know some parents who on principle don’t give anything other than making a point of saying thank you.  And depending on your experience of the year, this may be appropriate.  I have however have been fairly lucky with the teachers that my children have had, so feel that I want to show my appreciation for their time and hard work.

Teacher presents 2015

I made a collection of medium sized purses for the teachers and the teaching assistants that taught my children this year.  My children helped choose the fabrics for each teacher, so each purse is unique.

I have managed to squeeze some sewing time in for me.  I re-borrowed this book from the library as I really wanted to make the beach tote from it.

My fabric choices are a blue stripe with red trim on the pockets, the main body of the bag is denim with red lining.  The trim for the bag edging is in the blue stripe.

Top edge binding

I want to add a tab with a lobster clasp for keys, so they don’t disappear into the bag.  Its large so lovely and roomy for everything needed on a trip to the beach.

Bag tabs

I can’t decide whether to use the same cotton strapping as on the body of the bag, or a piece of the red binding as the lining and the pocket trim.  What do you think?  Do I go for the contrast (strapping) or blend (red binding)?

Its almost done, just need to sew the bias edging on and reinforce the straps onto the bag.

beach bag

I am really pleased with my fabric choices.

I think the bag is coming together really well and I am looking forward to finishing it.  Then the best bit – taking it to the beach!

I am trying a new system with projects, keeping them in a project box with all the bits needed to complete them.  Hopefully this will help.  So when I have a few minutes, I can do a bit of sewing and make progress without having to search for everything I need before starting.

project box

I got the idea from this book.  You may have seen it around.  I love all the practical advise given in it and the projects…. OMG….  I can’t wait to try them.  Heidi Staples, the author, has a fantastic website full of inspiration, colour and life.  Go and take a peek, its great!

I am being good about finishing something before starting something new, but my new book has just added a whole new pile of projects onto my ever growing list though.  However it has helped me find my sewing mojo again so I am not panicking, just excited and can’t wait to start!

The summer holidays are in full swing here and we kicked them off with a bang, literally loud ones – very loud bangs, by a visit to RIAT 2015 this weekend.  When I have been through the picks I will post the best and most interesting.

What did you do last weekend?

Take care and talk soon.