This week

Mondays are usually my sort out day, but this week I watched my son’s last swimming session with school.  Then it was off into town to buy a new water bottle for my daughter, as she had dropped her favourite, smashing it.  The world ended.  Well that’s what you would have thought.  My two are so tired, so ready for their summer holidays, it really is an epic effort to get them out in the mornings.

The postman made me smile – he delivered goodies.  Which was good as I was still on a high when I was told that it was dress up day on Friday for the whole school.  So 3 days to organise 2 superhero outfits!  No problem!  I think.

Anyway want to see what the postman delivered?



The skirt pattern is what I am excited about.  I made a skirt like this before using a friends pattern and it is great, so needed my own.  Still deciding on fabric, so watch this space.

The postman also delivered some fabric ink that I have wanted for ages.  So I had to play.  I grabbed this and did some stamping

What do you think?


I like!  It was so quick and easy.

I could be dangerous with these.

It did mean that the pencil cases I had made for my son’s teachers got stamped.


 I have also been doing some crochet.


When sewn up they will be owls.  I made one a couple of years ago using Bunny Mummy’s tutorial.  My daughter loves ours and wants to give one each to her teachers.  So two owls in production.

So my quiet week, became busy and productive.  Its better than when it they turn out the other way round.

How did your week plan out?

I hope to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.  Fingers crossed!

Have fun and talk soon.